Our Story

Back in 1985, a group of interested individuals gathered together to see if we could form a storytelling guild in Brisbane. We did. We told in people’s homes.

Then, following a storytelling workshop with a Canadian teller, the notion of a regular adult venue began to crystallise. Our Storytelling Café began in 1986, and has continued in various venues to the present day.

There are three essentials we celebrate at every telling – the listener, the teller and the tale. You can’t have one without the others.

We encourage individuals to find their voice and style of telling that suits their life. We believe that storytelling is an art form that touches all alike. We can learn much about ourselves and each other from the old stories and the new, as well as having a good time. It’s a chance to step back from the challenging world we live in, to imagine for a while.

To practice the art of storytelling is to enjoy, and revive an oral tradition.